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Pro Per Para was created to change the way paralegals are viewed, thought of and utilized. Paralegals are incredible individuals that are reliable, dedicated, determined, motivate, creative, caring and compassionate. We can solve problems and creating organization out of chaos, we can be a support system and we can manage large tasks with ease. Paralegals are more than individuals with special training. We are legal professionals, liaisons, managers, and a supportive and valued member of the team. We have your back.

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Our services

We can be a support system & we can manage large tasks with ease.

Virtual Notary

We offer our services as a current Colorado Notary Public. We are available to notarize documents for attorneys and clients in need of a virtual notary. Call/email for details.

Family Law

We have paralegals with experience in family law, mediation, JFD preparation, and we will draft those dreaded sworn financial statements for you (and we like doing it). Call/email for details.

Criminal Law

If you are looking for a criminal paralegal to help with your criminal case load, we have paralegals to help you. Our paralegals have prosecution and defense experience. Call/email for details.

Civil Litigation

We have many trained paralegals and legal support staff, with an ample amount of experience in Personal Injury, Employment law, and other fields of civil litigation. Call/email for details.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Are you looking for a bankruptcy paralegal that knows everything about everything to do with bankruptcy? Look no further, we have paralegals that you are looking for. Call/email for details.

Estate Planning

We have years of experience in drafting Estate Planning documents, whether it be drafting the Estate Planning Package or drafting a complicated Trust for your client. Call/email for details.

Probate Litigation

If you are looking for help with your probate and probate ligation cases, we have paralegal and support staff that can assist you with every aspect of your cases. Call/email for details.

Business Law

If you are looking for an experienced paralegal or legal support staff to help with your business law clients, we have the support you need. Call/email for details.

Any Other Field

If you practice something other than what we have listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have many staff members with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Call/email for details.
Our clients (attorneys)

Valued partnership

Pro Per Para was created by a paralegal that spent her career working for attorneys, needless to say, we know the struggles this field throws at you. Our goal is to offer you as much help as you need to help you relax at the end of the day, to help you leave at 5 PM or before, to help you be able to leave early for events or personal matters without worrying what's going on in the office. We give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, we have your back.

Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Why hire

Sure, you could hire your own in-house staff, but they can only do so much in a given day, because they are only human. Why limit yourself to one or two people when you can have an entire team of legal professionals at your disposal. Make sure that the work your firm is sending out is always error free, has been check by 3 people before it gets to you, and always on time. Because, declines drive the work.

Cost effective

If you only pay for the services you need, you are saving money. On average, our prices are less than what typical paralegals and support staff bill the client at. We have all worked for an attorney and know the rules of billing we have to follow. Albeit, we also understand each firm and attorney is different, and we welcome any rules and requirements that work for your unique practice.

Remote is better

We take the in-house portion out, so that in the event of a sick day, a flat tire, a snow day, a family emergency, the work will still get done, because those deadlines are ticking away. Our staff all work from home, and in doing so have much more freedom to work, and less to worry about. Given that we live in Colorado, we all know what happens in winter, aside from the snow, sick days, holidays, vacations. Avoid all those missed days by hiring remote help!

Team members

We're proud of our staff's abilities to contribute their unique experience and skills to our continuing success.

Since opening our doors, Pro Per Para has developed and grown, mostly because of our exceptional team. Each team member has a unique background and skillset that makes them an asset to Pro Per Para. If you are a paralegal interested in leaning more about employment opportunities, please send your resume to properparalegal@gmail.com.
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Feel free to reach out, we’d
love to hear from you

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